A retreat for capital:
5QRE buys senior nursing home

July 2021

Five Quarters Real Estate successfully completes first acquisition: healthcare property with 93 beds

Hamburg, 22 July 2021 – After Five Quarters Real Estate AG recently announced the launch of its healthcare fund, the first purchase has already been secured today. The acquired property is a care facility for senior residents in the very north of Lower Saxony, which has enjoyed high occupancy rates for years and is thus holding up well in the market. “An investment like the Lower Saxons themselves,” is how Five Quarters co-founder Peret Bergmann describes the deal. “Relaxed, storm-proof and rock solid.”

In order to be able to meet the increasing surplus demand in the North Sea region, a new building will be added to the modernised existing property by 2022. This will increase capacity to a total of 93 care places. “The building is the optimal launch property for our 5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01 fund,” explains Bergmann’s co-founder Erik Beets. “It immediately offers our investors a solid return combined with long-term planning security.” The lease for the property runs for another 23 years.

The tenant, a well-known provider of care services with more than 4,600 beds throughout Germany, manages the facility with a far-sighted conceptual orientation. By specialising in dementia care, the home has a unique position with high demand in the regional competitive environment. For this reason alone, the expansion of the space was a priority for the tenant. “The new building will meet the KfW standard 55, which means that the building will meet our demand for a sustainable investment,” explains Beets, who is responsible for the ESG strategy at 5QRE. “Our common sustainability claim will also be reflected in the daily operation by the tenant.”

The project in the far north marks the successful start of the strategic partnership between the investment specialists from Five Quarters and the healthcare specialists from TSC Real Estate. At the same time, the property forms the foundation for the 5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01 fund, which the two partners are now filling with life: Bergmann reveals that a second property has already been notarised and others are in due diligence. In addition, the fund continues to enjoy increasing interest from institutional investors.

“With the fund, we will map a wide range of healthcare facilities – also beyond the target group of senior people”, Bergmann explains the investment strategy. “The completed purchase is the first of four pillars of the fund – inpatient nursing homes. The second property lays the foundation for the rehabilitation and therapy facilities pillar.” The aim is to build the remaining two pillars – medical care centres and assisted living – as soon as possible. The first step has been taken. The next steps will follow very soon.


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