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October 2021

Five Quarters Real Estate takes over intensive care facility in Hamburg

Hamburg, 13 October 2021 – Five Quarters Real Estate has acquired another healthcare property for the “5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01” fund. The Hamburg-based KVG buys a diversely used existing building in its home market. So, this time the journey was not far – from HafenCity it went across the river Elbe to Hamburg-Hausbruch. The anchor tenant of the property is Bonitas, which offers intensive care over two floors. Further space is used by an ENT practice and a hearing aid acoustician on a long-term basis. “Under one roof and on around 1,800 m², we can see very well how diverse the topic of healthcare real estate really is,” Erik Beets explains the range of uses in the property.

Beets and his two co-founders Georg zu Stolberg and Peret Bergmann pursue a diversified investment strategy with the fund “5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01″. ” We are convinced that not just the established nursing homes and assisted living facilities will become increasingly relevant, but healthcare real estate as a whole,” says Bergmann, explaining the strategy. ” Healthcare concerns us all, the elderly as well as the younger ones,” he continues. That is why Five Quarters consistently focuses on covering a broad spectrum of properties where healthcare takes place.

The new Hamburg addition to the portfolio of “5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01” with its modern residential group concept is aimed at patients who require out-of-hospital intensive care, for example. Comparable concepts are rare, especially in the south of Hamburg. The long-established ENT practice, where outpatient surgical treatments are also provided, also takes on a care function far beyond the immediate micro-location. Finally, the listed and internationally active Amplifon uses the rented space for its customers as a leading hearing aid specialist and as a training centre.

“A multi-tenant property with an average WAULT of 15 years, which, like all other properties of the fund that have already been acquired or are in due diligence, guarantees an immediate capital deployment, is very much to the taste of our investors,” says Bergmann, describing the ratio of the transaction, which was handled together with the specialists in the healthcare segment, TSC Real Estate. In addition, some aspects were already identified during the acquisition process to further improve the building’s already well-positioned energy efficiency. “This aspect is equally important for our clients and us. That is why we are pleased to be able to implement our ESG strategy in this property as well,” says a pleased Erik Beets.

Five Quarters and TSC Real Estate are not taking a break. After the three properties already acquired, three more are in due diligence at the moment. “We are two speedboats with a common goal,” says Beets, characterising the cooperation. It will soon be clear whether the next joint stop will be North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony or Hesse.


Five Quarters Real Estate | 5QRE is a real estate company (AIFM) for institutional investors that is headquartered in Hamburg. Founded in 2019 by experienced experts from the industry, Five Quarters Real Estate offers Europe-wide access to transactions in the areas of healthcare, housing, work, local supply as well as customised and individualised concepts. 5QRE has a leading market position through the comprehensive use of digital analysis, forecasting and reporting tools. Five Quarters Real Estate AG carries out its activities as an AIF capital management company with the permission of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This provides Five Quarters’ clients with the highest level of regulatory security.

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