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Five Quarters takes over medical care centre

May 2022

Five Quarters Real Estate‘s Healthcare Infrastructure funds continues to grow with a new acquisition in Duisburg

Hamburg, 25 May 2022 – Five Quarters Real Estate continues to grow its fund “5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01”, which is specialiseds in healthcare properties. The new addition to the diversified portfolio is the “Duisburg North Medical Centre”. In a lively Duisburg district centre, the property houses a pharmacy, an intensive care unit and an optician as well as various specialised medical practices on an area of almost 4,000 sqm. The use concept was professionally implemented and the individual spaces are let on a long-term basis. Various technical measures were taken with the implementation, which also make the property look excellent in terms of energy. “So it fits into our Art. 8-compliant fund. And the best thing is: even in challenging times, there is still a good 5% distribution yield from this property,” Erik Beets notes.

With the ” 5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01″ fund, Erik Beets, together with his co-founders Georg zu Stolberg and Peret Bergmann, performs the balancing act of providing institutional clients with rapid fund capital calls by acquiring existing properties, while at the same time only including properties in the portfolio that, particularly in terms of energy, fit into or can be brought up to the fund strategy that has just been confirmed by BaFin in accordance with Art. 8 of the Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).”Sustainable investments in terms of fund performance and our social responsibility are still possible,” Peret Bergmann explains the positive contribution of the new acquisition. The sourcing and the transaction were once again handled by the healthcare specialists at TSC Real Estate.

“For our investors, who are primarily from the banking and savings bank sector, it is of course important from a risk perspective to not only have single-tenant properties in the fund,” Georg zu Stolberg explains the fund’s strategy to cover as broad a range of uses and tenants from the healthcare sector as possible. A property like the one in Duisburg with 10 rented units alone does justice to this without further ado.

The existing investors and the new clients that have been acquired in the meantime, as well as those who are currently considering subscribing to “5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01”, are pleased with the dynamic growth of the fund. After the purchase of the property in Duisburg, another four properties have already been notarised, and the latest purchases will lead to immediate calls from new investors.


Five Quarters Real Estate | 5QRE is a real estate company (AIFM) for institutional investors that is headquartered in Hamburg. Founded in 2019 by experienced experts from the industry, Five Quarters Real Estate offers Europe-wide access to transactions in the areas of healthcare, housing, work, local supply as well as customised and individualised concepts. 5QRE has a leading market position through the comprehensive use of digital analysis, forecasting and reporting tools. Five Quarters Real Estate AG carries out its activities as an AIF capital management company with the permission of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This provides Five Quarters’ clients with the highest level of regulatory security.

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