When opportunity knocks,
we open the door.

As a company that stands for transparency, Five Quarters Real Estate has a clear policy on opportunities too.
Of course we play the long game. Of course we have a mature investment philosophy and strategy. But when opportunity knocks in the form of a good deal, you have to respond quickly.

At 5QRE, we’re agile – and business-minded – enough to do just that. We connect the investment needs of our clients to suitable opportunities in the market. So if you have special wishes, or short-term goals you would like to achieve, please contact us. We’ll pull out all the stops to help you succeed.

A startup with
over 50 years of experience in the business.

Five Quarters Real Estate is a genuine startup, with all the spirit and drive that entails. At the same time, the three founders alone have more than 50 years’ experience in the real estate business. The result is a closely-knit network of real estate owners, developers, banks, brokers and municipalities that gives us access to attractive properties. Particularly in city centres, where growth – and potential yields – are strong.

Well before a property is acquired, our Acquisition and Asset Management teams together evaluate its potential. To ensure transparency and security, the entire selection and valuation procedure is based on a strict Due Diligence process.

We don’t just manage buildings -
we develop user experiences!

Our Asset Management team has a clear task: to improve the user experience for our tenants. Because properties where tenants enjoy working, shopping, residing or lodging are properties that generate sustainable returns.

This is where our independence comes in. As an independently managed investment company, we give our full attention to individual properties, and hence to the individual interests of our investors. Even before acquisition, our Acquisition and Asset Management teams work together to identify the potential of each property. Immediately after acquisition, we prepare and implement a Full Potential Plan. This uses intelligent usage concepts to boost performance – and yields – long term.

Everyone’s talking about
digitali­­sation -
we use it!

It’s not just our lean structure that makes us so efficient. Our IT plays a big role too. You could say we’re helping Excel get ready for retirement …

Five Quarters Real Estate is a digital company. We base our planning and financial services on state-of-the-art analysis, evaluation and reporting tools that deliver fast, clear results.

But that’s not all. We also provide the same tools to our clients, giving them full transparency about the work we do. You can review each single property or check your portfolio’s performance at any time. So, when you discuss the details of your investment with us, you’re always on the same page, and have the same facts as we do.

May we create a test account for you? Just contact us at: hello@5qre.com.