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March 2022

Five Quarters Real Estate achieves Article 8 status for healthcare fund

Hamburg, 31 March 2022 – With its fund “5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01”, Five Quarters Real Estate gives investors the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of mostly existing properties. The investors, mainly from the savings bank and banking sector, can see what they are investing in and their capital can get deployed instantly. At the same time, however, investments are to be made responsibly and with an eye towards future. The concept has proved successful, the fund has already taken over several properties and is currently in the process of acquiring three more. “A very broad spectrum of health care is covered, from classic nursing homes to assisted living, medical care and therapy centres, specialised private clinics and much more. The fund pursues a holistic concept of ensuring the healthcare infrastructure for all ages across the geographical width,” says Peret Bergmann, describing the investment strategy.

Five Quarters has taken its social responsibility as a real estate entrepreneur very seriously from the very beginning and has incorporated corresponding criteria and checks into its decision-making processes since the very first purchases. In parallel, the development of administration practices regarding the impact of the Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) was followed in regular exchange with the authority. “We have come to the conclusion that there is not much to change at all in our strategy, but only to make things more concrete. Together with our partners from TSC Real Estate as well as with external technical advisors, we have set ambitious goals after extensive analyses,” Erik Beets summarises the results of the investigations.

“We have retained the characteristics of the fund and presented the concretisations to the authority last week with a notification of amendment,” Georg zu Stolberg explains the further procedure. The changes were regarded well-structured and transparent for investors according to the authority. From now on, the fund is considered an Article 8 product.

“We are aware that this subject not only concerns all of us because of our social responsibility but is also becoming increasingly important for our clients’ investment decisions,” Peret Bergmann reports from current conversations. “To have a combination of existing properties together with swift capital calls in an Article 8 fund offers clients significant advantages,” he continues. The response in the current fundraising campaign has been positive as a result. The first new investors, for whom drawdowns are scheduled from May onwards, have already been secured.


Five Quarters Real Estate | 5QRE is a real estate company (AIFM) for institutional investors that is headquartered in Hamburg. Founded in 2019 by experienced experts from the industry, Five Quarters Real Estate offers Europe-wide access to transactions in the areas of healthcare, housing, work, local supply as well as customised and individualised concepts. 5QRE has a leading market position through the comprehensive use of digital analysis, forecasting and reporting tools. Five Quarters Real Estate AG carries out its activities as an AIF capital management company with the permission of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This provides Five Quarters’ clients with the highest level of regulatory security.

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