May 2023

Five Quarters leases nursing home in northern Germany

Hamburg, 02. May 2023. The Hamburg real estate company Five Quarters Real Estate AG (5QRE) has found a
new tenant for the “Seniorenhuus Nenndorf” nursing home in a very short time.

The property in the north of Lower Saxony – about 40 kilometres north of Emden and close to the North Sea
coast – was affected by the insolvency of the nursing home operator Convivo. Thanks to intensive cooperation
between all parties involved, operations were maintained without interruption, thus ensuring care for elderly
people in need of care.

On 1 May 2023, the renowned healthcare group aiutanda took over the operation in the north. “We were able to
identify and retain a new operator in a very short time – in the current situation, this is a great achievement,”
explains Peret Bergmann, founder of Five Quarters Real Estate AG. “And the other good message is that we were
able to achieve better conditions with the new tenant than with the previous one. This underlines the value of this
modern property in the 5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01 fund, which has had the highest
occupancy rates for many years.”

A comprehensive and modern range of care services

5QRE took over the fully stationary nursing home specialising in dementia residents in July 2021 – as the first
investment in its Art. 8 fund. Already at the time of the takeover, a new extension was planned to expand the
range of care services. The previous operator never took advantage of these possibilities – this is now to change
as quickly as possible. In this way, capacity will increase significantly. The new building meets the high KfW 55
standard and thus fits perfectly with the ESG strategy of the fund.

“It is an important signal that this location can continue to provide care for people with care needs in the region
with a creditworthy and expanding new operator. A long-term perspective is important for this healthcare
property. And the high occupancy rate shows the high quality of the offer as well as the great demand,” Peret
Bergmann continues. The focus on the care of dementia patients is to be continued at the location.
In the course of the takeover of the stationary nursing home by aiutanda, the existing concept will be adapted. In
the future, assisted living and day care will be offered in addition to stationary care. In this way, the care
company creates the basis for individual help, far from standardised solutions, and enables modern, humane
and generationally appropriate care for people in need of help in the region.

aiutanda offers professional health and life support, therapy management and provision of assistive devices for
people with assistance and care needs – in all facets. The range of assistance includes a wide variety of care
services, from support services to 24-hour care. Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Munich, Germany, the
aiutanda group currently has 33 partners and over 2,900 employees providing care to more than 3,100
individuals at over 75 locations across Germany.


Five Quarters Real Estate AG | 5QRE is a regulated real estate company (AIFM) for institutional investors based in Hamburg. 5QRE offers access to transactions in the sectors healthcare, residential, work, retail, as well as customised and individualised concepts throughout Europe. For maximum transparency and regulatory certainty vis-à-vis investors and the supervisory authorities, 5QRE makes extensive use of digital analysis, forecasting and reporting tools. For 5QRE, ESG is not a regulatory approach, but an attitude based on social responsibility.

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