We're looking for real estate -
not models!

At Five Quarters Real Estate, it takes more than good looks to turn our heads. Our top priority for buildings is high utility value, be it for living, working or retail. We’re interested in good locations in cities with a track record of sustainable growth – either in Germany or in Europe.

If you’d like to sell a building like this, we’d love to hear from you at deals@5qre.com.

Our investment profiles:

European Residential Mixed Use
Risk profile Value add, Core+, Core, Developments
Asset type(s) Residential
Senior Housing
Mixed use
Target cities Sustainable, larger cities in Germany, Netherlands and Denmark
Target Location Urban residential area
City centre
Investment size limits Min: EUR 10m
Max: EUR 60m
Type of property Portfolios
Standing Investment
Forward Funding
Forward Purchase
Development Sites
European Healthcare
Risk profile Core+, Core
Asset type(s) Senior Housing
Assisted living facilities and outpatient care
Inpatient care facilities
Medical care centres
Medical centres, rehabilitation, therapy and care centres
Target cities Urban, upper and middle centers, care also in basic centers, good accessibility with public and private transport, sustainable socioeconomic structure
Target Location Established locations with a solid infrastructure and positive social, population and economic conditions
Investment size limits Min: EUR 8m
Max: EUR 40m
Type of property Portfolios
New buildings, modernised existing properties, turnkey project developments, complementary tenant structure, added value achievable through conversion


Do you have properties on offer that fit our profiles? We look forward to your offer.