2,294 sqm of responsi­bility:
Five Quarters takes over therapy centre

July 2021

Five Quarters Real Estate continues to invest in healthcare infrastructure: sociotherapeutic centre in the Rhine-Main region

Hamburg, 29 July 2021 – For the second time within a month, Five Quarters Real Estate has been handed the keys to a new property: For their fund “5QRE Healthcare Infrastructure Deutschland 01”, the Hamburg-based company acquired a building with a mission. The six-storey therapy centre in the west of Darmstadt offers the ideal infrastructure on its 2,294 sqm for the accommodation, care and therapeutic treatment of people who are unable to manage their daily lives on their own due to illness. “Our investors’ money is well invested here in a double sense,” says Peret Bergmann of Five Quarters, explaining the purchase. “Not only because we can count on a very good value, but also because here is an investment in a good cause that fulfils all sustainability dimensions.”

The fund, which was launched in February this year and which Bergmann manages as a trio together with Georg zu Stolberg and Erik Beets, has the strategic goal of representing the broadest possible spectrum of healthcare in Germany in four categories: medical care, rehabilitation and therapy as well as care facilities and assisted living for seniors. The first elements for this have been put in place: After Five Quarters most recently took over a senior nursing home in the north of Lower Saxony, the Darmstadt therapy centre is now the second category to be opened. For Beets, however, the purchase is more than just a transaction: “The healthcare specialists from TSC Real Estate have found a property for our investors that occupies a key position in supra-regional therapy care. We are well aware that we are also taking on a special responsibility with this purchase and it underlines our social responsibility as a real estate company.”

The need for therapy places in Hesse is growing, while the supply is stagnating, which is why the house already achieves an occupancy rate of 95 %. The tenant of the facility is a company with several therapy centres in the region and over 25 years of experience. It also operates a second facility in Darmstadt: with coordinated concepts, the two centres complement each other synergistically. On the approximately 3,800 sqm site in an attractive city location, a whole range of uses would already be conceivable today and in the future – from student accommodation, to offices, to a science centre. “But we are glad that we can offer excellent working conditions here to the provider of an urgently needed aid service,” says Beets. A long-term lease agreement for the established facility underpins this statement.

With a strong core score of 4.4, Five Quarters also offers its investors a sound working basis: a coherent operating concept, a good location in a growing city centre and a solid building structure – the property was thoroughly and energy-efficient modernised in 2014. “It does not fit our sustainable way of thinking to just replace existing buildings in good shape with new buildings. Instead, we consider how a building can be developed in an energy-responsible manner and, in the case of Darmstadt, perhaps even be expanded,” is how Erik Beets describes the Hamburg’s attitude.

The Darmstadt transaction is the second visible result of the cooperation between Five Quarters and TSC Real Estate from Berlin, whose 15 years of experience in the healthcare real estate sector enrich the know-how of the investment experts from Hamburg. “In this constellation, we can be a prudent partner to both investors and healthcare providers in all matters,” Beets comments on the cooperation. The fact that this works smoothly is shown by the second deal in such a short time. And the next stop on the joint tour of Germany has already been fixed: Hamburg.


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