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125% real estate investments.

Transparent as glass, solid as concrete – and as advanced as a Smart Home. Five Quarters Real Estate is a new breed of real estate investment company for institutional clients. Our innovative, modern style of collaboration takes agility and partnership to the next level.

We offer banks, pension funds, pension schemes, insurance companies or family offices Europe-wide access to the real estate investments we pursue with passion. As an independent company, we’re free to focus on what matters most: helping our clients achieve their goals.

We look forward to working with you soon.

The Secret of the Fifth Quarter.

“So why not just Four Quarters Real Estate?” That’s a question we often hear when we sit down with prospective clients. As a company built on transparency, we’re happy to explain … but preferably in person.

A building that’s attractive for tenants
is attractive for investors too.

Our investment philosophy in a nutshell: “When tenants enjoy something, investors benefit too.” In other words, buildings with a high utility value for private and commercial tenants generate stable, sustainable cashflows because they never stand empty. So when we appraise a new building, the first thing we ask is: “Is it useful?”. If the answer is yes, it’s the right building for our investors.

To find sustainable, storm-resistant investment opportunities in good locations, we also consider mixed use properties ranging from living and working to shopping and travel. Not prestigious trophies, but sensible investments supported by more than one pillar. The kind our investors prefer.

We speak
your language.

Our clients are, and always have been, banks, savings banks, insurance companies, professional pension funds and pension schemes.

After many years of working with institutional clients, we understand how they view the real estate investment business from both ends –front and back. We know their needs and requirements, and we know their inconveniences. At Five Quarters Real Estate, we’re here to master those inconveniences. With expert knowledge, excellent contacts, and exceptional IT power.

Reliability is good -
transparency is better.

Our clients are subject to strict regulation and supervision. Accordingly, they expect high standards from their service providers. To leave no doubt about the excellence of our work, we have been approved as an external capital management company by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) in accordance with §§ 20, 22 KAGB. We have adapted our organisation to the strict regulatory requirements and are subject to the supervision of BaFin.

Our most important key performance indicator:
+49 40 60779140.

Five Quarters Real Estate is headquartered in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, where people have been trading coffee, spices and real estate for centuries. Five Quarters Real Estate is also present in the south of Germany and in the Benelux countries. Our contact address for investors and sellers:

Five Quarters Real Estate AG
Campus Tower
Versmannstraße 2
20457 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 60779140
E-Mail: hello@5qre.com

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Another important property:
your office at 5QRE.

As a thriving company, Five Quarters Real Estate | 5QRE is seeking for good people to strengthen our team of first-class real estate managers. If non-mainstream projects, a top-notch IT infrastructure and a startup mindset are high on your agenda, please send your application to: jobs@5qre.com. If you prefer hierarchies, job titles and long meetings, we wish you good luck elsewhere.

Right now we are searching for talents.

Are you interested to see what a Real Estate Startup looks like from the inside? Then come and join us.

5QRE is looking for advanced Real Estate students who would like to help us with anything that comes up in our business. Research, analysis, number crunching, development of business plans at property, SPV and fund level, marketing and all the other things that are important. We are looking for a talented Swiss Army Knife. You don’t have to know everything, but you should be interested in everything and eager to learn it.